Pilot Post

Hello all! This is very exciting to create my first of many posts! To start, I want to write about the purpose of this blog. This is not a weight loss blog, but a wellness gain. I find myself talking to friends and family, and they are obsessed with calorie counts and what to cut out to reach their target weight. How can you live like that? I tend to consider myself an optomistic person, and would rather focus what I can have and new stuff I can indulge in instead of what I can’t. I am a firm believer of making a few simple swaps, that you can not only reach your target, but more importantly be happier and feel great! Nutrition, along with proper exercise, is such a key role to overall wellness.

This blog is for the average person who is looking for simple wellness tips to becoming healthier, recipes that are easy to make, can use the ingredients they probably already have, and aren’t exactly sure where to start. In short, I am inspired to write this blog to make a difference in your life and help you become the best person you can be, through food!

All of the ingredients you will read about in my recipes are normal kitchen items you can pick up at a local grocery stores (my personal favorite being Trader Joe’s!) and take an hour or less to cook to fit into my busy schedule. I don’t consider myself a great or creative chef, just really good at following directions.


I encourage comments and questions and hope to hear how you’re doing, and how this blog has helped you. If this blog helps even just a few people find their stride (you’d be amazed how much clean eating positively affects other parts of your life), then I consider it a success!



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